Dranding- Proven to Deliver

80% of our clients have grown over 30% in FY19-20

Most of our clients are small & medium sized enterprises with annual revenues ranging from INR 5-150 crore

5-30% Growth
30-75% Growth
75+ Growth

Results Delivered

1Reinventing brand strategy during the   covid lockdown powered admissions applications growth by 50% for the state’s foremost Executive MBA program for  one of India’s premier B-schools

2Business to brand transformation resulted in a revenue increase of over 100% in a year for one of the country’s leading exporter of pressed engineering components

3Successfully built the country’s most engaged & sought-after casino brand  in under a year of its existence; highest digital engagement & following for Asia’s largest floating casino

3Rebranding one of Asia’s leading tourism body’s  flagship river cruises resulted in an increase in its revenue for the first time in 3 years; growing by 10% in 6 months

3Increased online revenue by 110% in 3 months for one of Goa’s foremost beach resorts prior to relaunching its revived brand (paused due to covid pandemic)

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